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Renata Terrazas

Renata is that kind of person that questions everything and believes there is always a better way to do things. She is committed to creating a more just and beautiful world for all of us to live in. Renata is a political scientist with specialization on public policy. Before joining Oceana, she worked in a … Ler mais

Abbie Gibbs

Abbie leads the foundations team and serves on Oceana’s Executive Committee.  Abbie brings to Oceana a 20-year track record of securing revenue, building strategic partnerships and achieving growth within national and local organizations including Brookings Institution, the American Red Cross, and the Center for American Progress, where she exceeded a $40 million goal by working with policy directors … Ler mais

Matt Littlejohn

Matt has played a key role in building Oceana’s brand, digital presence and supporter base over the past decade and a half.  He’s also helped to develop several initiatives and ideas that have helped Oceana become the largest dedicated international ocean conservation group on the planet. Before Oceana, Matt was a senior marketing executive and … Ler mais

Pascale Moehrle

Pascale Moehrle was appointed Executive Director and Vice President for Oceana in Europe in 2019. Pascale joined Oceana in May 2017 as Chief Operating Officer and has since then managed the programmatic and operational functions of Oceana in Europe. During this time, she ensured coordination and collaboration among all departments, in sync with Oceana’s strategy … Ler mais

Mike Hirshfield

Mike has worked at Oceana since 2001 in a variety of roles, currently as Senior Advisor. In that capacity, he is responsible for providing strategic guidance and organizational troubleshooting, among other duties. Until May of 2019, he was Chief Scientist and Strategy Officer, working to identify strategic opportunities for Oceana expansion into new countries, in … Ler mais

Liesbeth van der Meer

Liesbeth van der Meer is a doctor of veterinary medicine and earned her degree with a focus on salmon aquaculture at the University of Chile. She quickly became disillusioned with the salmon farming industry, which inspired her career in conservation. Liesbeth earned her master’s degree in natural resource management and environmental sustainability with a focus on … Ler mais